5 mistakes make your acnes become worse


The facial skin is one the most sensitive area in your body which need more special caring. However, sometimes, we accidentally hurt it with our daily habits, causing acnes and winkles. So, the understanding about these bad factors is very important for you to have a healthy skin.


  1. Use only acne cream when getting acne

According to Whitney Bowe, a dermatologist, instead of treating acnes when it has appeared, you should use gentle cosmetic products containing salicylic acid every day. This helps to prevent acne on a regular basis. Salicylic acid is an anti-inflammatory, so it will also reduce irritation and help prevent and treat acne effectively.

When buying cosmetics for your skin, you should also pay attention to their constituents to select quality products and safe for you.

  1. Squeezing

This issue is alerted many times, but not everyone can do it. The reason that acne squeeze causes your acne become worse is that our hands are not always clean. If you touch your dirty hands on the face will cause bacteria to spread from your hands to your face.

However, doctors do not encourage you to do nothing when getting acnes. Because basically, when the acne is ripe, if you do not get its core from the skin, it will leave skin moles on your face. Therefore, they propose that you should clean your hands and tools before squeezing acne as well as ensuring the safety when acne squeeze occurs.

  1. Apply all the methods that you are told

Of course, this is not good because each person has a specific skin condition, skin problems and skin types. Before applying any method, you should determine what type your skin is (dry, oily or a combination) to select the appropriate method.

  1. Wash your face too many times a day

Keeping the skin clean is good and helps avoid pimples, but sometimes you clean all the natural oils in the skin, causing wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation, freckles and acne because the skin is weakened.

So, just wash your face twice or three times / day. When washing, you should not rub too closely but gently massage.

  1. Drink very little water even your skin is oily

This is extremely dangerous. Skin dehydration is the main cause leading to serious problems on our skin, causing it weak and shortening the aging process, including acne problems. Therefore, you should drink enough water to moisturize your skin regularly helping you have a smooth skin.



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