5 Common mistakes in makeup you should avoid


Although you are a super star or just an ordinary girl, taking mistake in daily makeup is inevitable. So, let’s see some following common mistakes to avoid making ourselves become ridiculous.

  1. Overuse makeup powder

Many women believe that makeup powder can make them more beautiful anyway however it is not completely true, makeup powder can cause your skin look dry, remaining the wrinkles on your face. If you use a thick powder coating, it looks like that you are wearing a mask, losing you your natural beauty.

Overuse makeup powder

You should only apply makeup powder in necessary area. And remember to use oil blotting paper before applying powder for oily skin.

  1. Accentuate the eyebrows too dark

Not every girl is born with the natural thick eyebrows. But that does not mean you should accentuate the eyebrows too dark because it just makes you look more unnatural.

Instead, use an eyebrow brush and brush upward a 45 degree angle. The black-haired girl should use lighter eyebrow pencil than their hair’s color and blonde-haired girls do oppositely. In addition, you should concentrate on the outer half of the eyebrow.

Accentuate the eyebrows too dark

  1. Choose a wrong concealer

This is a fairly common makeup error, it makes people pay more attention to the point that you’re trying to hide. Therefore, you should check the concealer by using it on your palms before applying on the face. Generally, orange concealer is best suitable for most types of skin.

Gently dab the concealer for under-eye area, from outside to inside. Then, use the gold-colored foundations.

  1. Use too much bronzer

This is a common error in makeup that many people have, using too much bronzer will make you become significantly older.

A better way is using it as C style, starting from the forehead and spreading down 2 sides of cheeks, you will have a bright and clearer face without looking older.

  1. Apply too much blusher

Apply too much blusher

Nothing can make you look as a fool than applying too much blusher. You should always remember that the olive color skin is matched with warm tones while bright skin is matched with pink or red tones and finally, dark skin will be matched with plum tones.

Sometimes you accidentally take too much blusher, making your face too bright. Then, use a little color powder to blur your cheeks. If it is a creamy blusher, so use an oil blotting paper to absorb. Remember only use a small amount of blusher for your cheeks to have a natural beauty.

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