4 leading cause of hair loss


Hair loss is not dangerous to the life, but it is the most worry of many women. So what is the cause of hair loss? Let’s explore them below.

hair loss

  1. Stress

Stress is also one of the common causes of hair loss in women. According to experts, there are two types of hair loss due to stress including the phenomenon of stopping growing or it takes hair a long time to grow back from 6-9 months.

The second type is the phenomenon of the bald. Bald can be genetic, but stress can also make balding condition become worse.

  1. Iron deficiency

Hair loss usually occurs due to iron deficiency in women after childbirth and women in premenopausal period. When iron levels in the blood decrease, leading to an iron deficiency, your hair roots will be also affected badly. Malnourished condition can weaken hair roots, making the hair more vulnerable and easily to fall down.

Iron deficiency is also a major influence on the health of women, particularly women with pre-menopausal stage. The best way to balance the amount of iron in the blood is improving daily diet. Women should eat more foods containing iron, such as fish and mollusks. In addition, the human body needs extra component to enhance the iron absorption.

  1. Lack of vitamin B

Vitamin B is a kind of nutrition that the body needs to be supplied regularly, because it is a factor that stimulates hair growth. In addition, the Biotin, also known as vitamin H has a very important role in stimulating hair grow thicker and stronger.

Lack of vitamin B will cause a lot of problems for the body. Therefore, to help hair grow faster, thicker and healthier, you should supplement more vitamin B for the body by eating foods such as eggs, fish, milk, peanuts and legumes.

  1. Taking too much vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the important ingredients and essential vitamins for the human body, but if you use more than 1000 units / day, it will give the opposite effect in which the first sign is hair loss. Especially, for thin hair, experts recommend that you should reduce the supplements of vitamin A each day and if you want to supply it, so it’s better for you to eat more vegetables.

Understanding the causes of hair loss, you can prevent it and have effective methods to take care of your hair.



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