10 tips to look ‘ageless’ from Hollywood Stars


Angelina Jolie

Looking at the picture, it seems that she is now younger and more beautiful than she was 12 years ago. Her tip is to limit the use of cleanser and use moisturizing mask instead. Moreover, diets with plenty of fruits and vegetables and sweets restriction helps Angelina maintain skin firmness.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer made her own formula named 10 – 10. Every day, she spent 10 minutes to clean and moisturize, the next 10 minutes for facial massage. For her, regular skin massage is a natural anti-aging therapy that is extremely efective.


Keira Knightley

Keira admits she has dry skin. For that, moisturizer is an indispensable thing in her bag. Regular moisturization will help to keep fresh skin and make her look even younger than 10 years before.


Gwen Stefani

Gwen shared she is quite lazy to take care of her skin. So she chooses to exercise to enhance skin health, 5 sessions per week, steadily for many years. Sweating is the best way to eliminate toxins and cleanse the skin without using chemical.


Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo always try to get enough sleep, from 7-8 hours per day. She believes with sufficient sleep, the skin has enough time to recover and regenerate. By this, the skin will be always full of vitality.


Halle Berry

After nearly 20 years, the beauty of Halle Berry hardly changed at all. Sharing the secrets, ‘Catwoman’ said she is not too fussy about skin care. Only focusing on 2 steps with particular cleansing and sun protection . Halle Berry regularly used suncream every day for almost 20 years. She often wears no make up when there is no schedule.

Halle Berry

Kate Hudson

Her simple tip is submerge her face into the ice bowl. Ice will tighten pores and helps the skin looks firmer. In addition, she uses ice to massage the face to create more effect.


Reese Witherspoon

It sounds a little bit strange but her secrets to beautiful skin is not going on any diet. She eats nutritious foods and combines with doing exercise to keep fit.



This sexy singer shares the secrets to “Stay young and beautiful forever”, she sticks to the plan of regular exercise and proper diets. Every week, she goes to gyms at least 3 times and follows “5 Factor Diet” to keep fit and nourish fresh skin.


Mila Kunis


Being an actress also means using a lot of cosmetic. If you do not spend enough time for skin care, your skin will get worse. The beautiful actress shares she limits as much as she can in making up.

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